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- Lady in the Water


- Filmmaking in the UK


- The Dragons' Den


- Brick Lane


- Harry Potter


Lady in the Water
Lady in the Water is the new film from writer/director M. Night Shyamalan. M. Night first became widely known in 1999 following the film The Sixth Sense which was a huge international success. His films are known for magical and supernatural elements along with surprising twists. In this edition of Entertainment we hear from M. Night Shyamalan about the process of writing the story and how he thinks the final film turned out. BBC film reviewer Mark Kermode also gives his opinion of the completed film.

Filmmaking in the UK
Have you ever wanted to work in the movie business? Well in this programme you can hear from someone who does! There's a lot more to working in films than just putting the film together - and as the UK is the second largest film industry in the world, there is a whole organisation responsible for all areas of filmmaking in that country. We talk to Samantha Perahia from the UK Film Council and find out how she promotes the UK as a desirable place for filmmakers to come to and make their films.

The Dragon's Den
If you had the chance to tell an entrepreneur with lots of money about a wonderful business idea you have or about something special that you've invented - but on a reality TV show - would you be brave enough to do it?
Contestants on the BBC's TV series "The Dragons' Den" are! And the world of business will never be the same again!

Brick Lane
In this edition there's trouble on the streets of East London and all because of a film version of the book "Brick Lane"! This award winning book, by author Monica Ali, tells the story of a young girl who comes from Bangladesh to live in Brick Lane after her arranged marriage. But a very loud 'CUT' has been called on the action in the Brick Lane area. We find out why.

Harry Potter
In this programme we meet a children's librarian who talks to us about the enduring popularity of the Harry Potter books. Jo Jacobs explains why she thinks the books appeal to both children and adults. She also describes the magical events that take place at bookshops at midnight on the day a new Harry Potter book is published.
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