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Grammar challenger Lorenzo from Italy

Questions with 'like'
'Like' is a word frequently used in English. It is used in different ways and in this programme we compare three different uses: talking about personality, physical appearance and hobbies.

In the programme we challenge Lorenzo from Italy to listen to answers and produce the correct question forms.


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To ask about someone's personality.
NB: We don't use 'like' in the answer.

What is
What are
What am



She's friendly,
He's grumpy,
They're very serious,

To ask about someone's physical appearance:
NB: We don't use 'like' in the answer.

What does
What do

she/he/it I/you/they/we

look like?

She's tall and good looking.
He's got green eyes.
They're both blonde,

To ask about someone's hobbies:
NB: You can use 'like' in the answer.

What does
What do


like doing?

She likes sports
He's into computers
They love sailing and swimming


Download Nuala's grammar explanation and table(pdf - 24k)

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Now it's your turn to practise questions with 'like'. Go to our quiz page on this subject here.

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In the next programme, we're looking at one of the conditional forms, the zero conditional.

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