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Grammar challenger Hanbing from China

Must / mustn't
Must is a word that is used to talk about an obligation, something you have to do, like following a law or a rule. In this programme we look at how to use this word and its negative form, mustn't.

Hanbing from China is our Grammar Challenge student who has the task of forming correct sentences using this grammar.


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must / mustn't + base form

Positive sentences

I must do my homework.
She must wear a uniform.

Negative sentences

We mustn't talk in here!
You mustn't steal.

All pronouns take


must / mustn't

have a visa.
buy a ticket.
smoke in here.
have long hair.


Download Nuala's grammar explanation and table (pdf - 22k)

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In the next programme, we look at a verb form to use when describing things that are happening now, the present continuous.

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