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How To


- Likes


- Dislikes


- No strong feelings


- Giving good news


- Change behaviour

A man being awarded a prize

How to give good news

In this programme you can find out how to give someone some good news.

After you have listened to the programme, get some more practice with the quiz below.

Start with a compliment Example situation
We were very impressed by... your interview
your performance

Phrases to introduce good news Example of good news
We'd like to... offer you a job
give you a promotion
We've got some good news for you you've passed your exams
a bit of you've won the lottery
I'm really pleased to tell you... you've won the jackpot
you've been chosen to play football for your country

Preparing someone for surprising or shocking news
Have you got company?
Is there somebody with you?
Are you sitting down?


Now it's time for you to have a go at practising the language we've looked at in this programme. Drag the words into the correct order to make a full sentence. If your order is right, the words will stay in place; if not, they will be returned to the list. Click 'next' to get to the next question.

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You can also download a printable version of this activity.

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