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  Weekender 2006 / 7  


- Humour 1


- Brazilian snakes


- Piano


- Carnival Museum


Pianos are usually found in houses or in some sort of building, but this week we hear about a piano with a very different sort of home - out in the street.

Nick Rosewall and his friend Doug were moving house and tried to get the piano up the steps into the house - but the steps were too steep. So they decided to leave the piano outside the house in the street and that's when it started to become known as the 'street piano.'

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Vocabulary from the programme

if you describe someone as 'mate' it's a friendly and very informal way of addressing someone

to rise at a very sharp angle

The mountain path was very steep and too difficult to climb.

local council
the people elected to govern a local area

The council members met every month to discuss and vote on local issues.

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