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  Weekender 2006 / 7  


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A woman laughing

Humour Part 1


This programme is about humour. We all know having a laugh is a way of making our lives better, but exactly how does it work? This week, Jackie Dalton talks to Jennifer Coates, a Professor of English Language and Linguistics about her research into humour and how it's used.

Part two of this programme, on men and women and humour will be available next week.

You can download a copy of the script and the complete programme on mp3 at the bottom of the page. You can also test your comprehension by trying our quiz.

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Vocabulary from the programme

to have power over someone or something

to construct solidarity
to bring people together and build a good group relationship

to be collaborative
to work well with others

to be the centre of attention
to be the person who everyone is looking at or listening to

to break the ice
to help people relax if they are nervous when they first meet

to make fun of someone
to laugh at them, usually in an unkind way

more socially acceptable
better liked by other people

an uncomfortable, worried or angry feeling

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