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  Weekender 2006 / 7  


- Bloopers


- Housework


- Beer festival


- Talking posh

Weekender September 2005

September 2005


This month saw the start of the Weekender series.

We published the following features:

When things go wrong in radio! We hear some famous radio 'bloopers', where everything goes wrong while the presenters are on air. We explore vocabulary related to mistakes and radio.

We find out what the BBC Learning English team's favourite household chores are and look at a new Spanish law obliging men who get married to split housework equally with their wives.

Beer festival
Jackie Dalton broadcasts from the Great British Beer Festival in London. She chats to beer drinkers and an expert and tries out a rather unusual beer.

Talking posh
Jackie Dalton looks at what it means to 'talk posh'.
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