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  Weekender 2006 / 7  


- Bloopers


- Deception


- Diamonds


- Politeness


In Weekender this week, we look at deception and lies. How good are you at spotting if someone is 'telling a porky'? Practise the vocabulary you learn in the programme with the table of phrases and the quiz below.

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Vocabulary used in the show
a fib, an untrutha lie
a porky(informal) a lie
to embellish the truth about yourselfto make yourself sound better than you really are
to be deceived, to be dupedto be tricked into believing something that's not true
a telltale sign he is lyinga revealing sign which shows he is lying
a whizsomeone who is very good at something, e.g. a computer whiz
sophisticatedadvanced or complicated
they have a more subtle approachthey look more at important detail which other people might miss


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