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  Weekender 2006 / 7  


- Bloopers


- Deception


- Diamonds


- Politeness


This month find out about:

When things go wrong in radio. We hear some famous radio 'bloopers', where everything goes wrong while the presenters are on air. We explore vocabulary related to mistakes and radio. Practise the phrases you learn in the programme with the table below.

We look at deception and lies. How good are you at spotting if someone is 'telling a porky'? Practise the vocabulary you learn in the programme with the table of phrases and the quiz below.

We go to the Natural History Museum in central London. The museum is currently displaying the biggest ever exhibition of diamonds and jewellery and BBC Learning English reporter Helen Hu went to look around the exhibition with its curator Alan Hart.

One of the most common words people around the world use to describe British people is 'polite'. In this edition of Weekender, Jackie explores politeness, etiquette and manners. Are the British becoming less polite? What is good etiquette?
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