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  Weekender 2006 / 7  


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Some men and women

Humour Part 2


This is part two of a programme about humour. This week, Jackie Dalton looks at the differences in how men and women use it - whether it's to build stronger friendships, or stand out as the leader of a group.

Jennifer Coates, a Professor of English Language and Linguistics shares the findings of her extensive research into gender and humour.

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Vocabulary from the programme

a joke
something you say to make people laugh, often a funny story or comment

conversation where people say amusing things and make a lot of jokes

on your own

to collaborate
to work together

a joint creation
something people do together, as a team

to take the floor
to talk to a group of people and become the focus of attention

to hog
to keep something all to yourself and not share it with others

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