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  Weekender 2006 / 7  


- 25th December


- Clubbing


- Teleshopping


- Last of the Routemaster Bus


- The Tube

The bus of the future overtakes the Routemaster

The Last Routemaster


Stairs to the upper deck
This week, Yvonne Archer takes a nostalgic look at London's famous beloved red Routemaster bus. After 50 long years of service, the time has come for it to retire and all but disappear from London's streets. We find out why and take time out to celebrate our love for the big red London bus.

You can also try our quiz in the Extras section below to practise some of the language used in the programme and you can refer to the vocabulary table below for helpful language.

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Words from the programme

a symbol
something that represents a place or an organisation - e.g. London

a tram
an electric vehicle that usually runs in cities, like a bus, and runs along metal tracks in the road

not easy to use - and the opposite is accessible

small, light chairs with wheels that are used to push small children around in

features of historical importance that belong to the culture of a particular society, e.g. the Routemaster bus

conductors and conductresses
men and women who sell tickets to passengers on public transport, e.g. on buses, and sometimes help passengers in other ways

a mobile social worker
a social worker who travels to meet his/her clients

a runaway
a child who has left home secretly and doesn't want to go back

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