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  Weekender 2006 / 7  


- 25th December


- Clubbing


- Teleshopping


- Last of the Routemaster Bus


- The Tube

From Monty Python's Flying Circus

It has to be said that some of us just LOVE to shop and are even happy to shop until we drop! This week saw the biggest internet shopping day of the entire year but are there any other ways to shop which also exclude a trip to the highstreet and logging onto the internet? Yvonne Archer discovers both the delights and the downfalls of teleshopping!

You can also try our quiz in the Extras section below to practise some of the language used in the programme and you can refer to the vocabulary table below for helpful language.

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Words and phrases from the programme
extremely boring

without feeling or emotion, e.g. a part of your body or your mind

a line of people or vehicles moving along for a special event, but in this case, a line of goods that are on display for viewers to buy

a coincidence
when two or more related things or ideas unexpectedly happen at the same time

upsides and downsides
advantages and disadvantages

a negative way to describe repeated and continued thoughts, behaviour or actions, e.g. when someone is always thinking about and going shopping

addicted to
the need and desire to behave in a certain way or to use something without being able to stop, even if it is very harmful

shopaholic, workaholic, chocoholic, alcoholic
someone who's addicted to shopping, work, chocolate, alcohol

hard-wearing, durable, long-lasting
strong and lasts for a long time even if it's used often, e.g. a rug

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