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  Weekender 2006 / 7  


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Consumer Electronics Show

This week's programme is all about the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Industry leaders in electronic goods, from Microsoft and Yahoo to Google and Sony are showing off their latest products.

Join Jackie Dalton to listen to reports from Las Vegas and find out a bit about what's on offer. We also learn why it's important to respect the geeks!

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Words and expressions from the programme

the products have yet to hit the high street
the products are not yet available for people to buy them

shown for the first time

an advocate (for something)
a person who publicly supports or promotes something

to push the envelope further
to try to go further than the normal limit of something, to do better

a remote control
a small box you use to change television channels

the competition
businesses that are competing against you

a geek
someone who is obsessed with technology and/or is a bit strange

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