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Black cat
Extra bad luck for Friday 13th or simply a black cat?
Friday the 13th

Does the phrase "Oh no, it's Friday the 13th!" mean anything to you? Does this date fill you with fear, anxiety and foreboding - or is it simply another day on the calendar? Whether you're superstitious or not, join us as we try to find out why Friday the 13th is such an infamous date.

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As you listen, try to answer the following questions:

1. Which religion seems to have the most reasons to think of the day 'Friday' and the number '13' as being unlucky?
2. At what time was the unfortunate space craft 'Apollo 13' launched?
3. Kate mentions 3 important things that her clients wouldn't do on Friday the 13th; what are they why wouldn't they do them?

Words and expressions from the programme

to be superstitious
to believe that certain things are lucky or unlucky, or can cause certain events to happen - based on old magic

anxiety/to feel anxious
to feel worried and nervous

utter dread
very great fear

bad luck/to be unlucky
when bad things seem to happen to you without any real reason

a coincidence
when two or more things happen at the same time by chance in a surprising way

to tempt fate
to do or say something that might make it easier for bad things to happen

powerful, influential

Other useful words and expressions that you can also use to talk about superstitions and Friday the 13th

That's an old wives' tale
that's a superstitious story or idea which hasn't been proved as true, but has been passed on from generation to generation usually amongst women, e.g. it's best to stay at home on Friday the 13th

traditional stories and customs from a particular area or country

a story or an idea that isn't true but is believed by lots of people, e.g. if a black cat walks in front of you, it will bring you bad luck

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