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  Weekender 2006 / 7  


- Left-handers


- Mexico and business


- Ethical Travel


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Have you ever visited a beautiful place or a country but felt sad about how rich the tourists are compared to the locals? And have you ever wondered why life never seems to improve for most of the locals in developing countries, despite a prosperous tourism industry?

In this edition of 'Weekender' we speak to the head of Tourism Concern to find out what 'ethical travel' is all about. Is it possible for tourists to enjoy a guilt free trip and begin to help solve problems rather than be a part of them?

Before you listen to the programme, look at these comprehension questions: you'll hear the answers during the programme. You can also download this programme in mp3 format and a transcript from the Extras section below.

1: Which four examples of 'infrastructure' are mentioned?
2: What do many developing countries spend their income from tourism on?

You can download a copy of the script and the complete programme on mp3 at the bottom of the page. You can also test your comprehension by trying our quiz.

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Vocabulary from the programme

if you travel 'abroad' you go to another country that you don't usually live in

people who visit other places and countries for pleasure and out of interest

usually very expensive and enjoyable things which are not necessary, e.g. a swimming pool

a package holiday
a holiday where everything has been arranged for you before you leave home, usually flights and accommodation

an all inclusive holiday
a holiday with a set price that you pay for before you leave home and everything in the hotel complex is also included in the price, e.g. food, drinks and entertainment

something that is 'ethical' is influenced by a set of moral beliefs about what is right and what is wrong

a scene that is so attractive and almost perfect could be described as 'picturesque'

small amounts of money that are given to low-paid workers to thank them for their services, e.g. chambermaids who clean hotel rooms

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