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  Weekender 2006 / 7  


- Water


- Straw Bear Festival


- Friday the 13th


- World of Wonders




The focus of this week's programme is water. The United Nations Environment Programme has said that water is probably the most serious environmental problem we face apart from climate change.

The Earth has all the water it needs to supply the six billion people who live on it with clean, safe drinking water. But millions of people are going to die because of water supplies are badly managed. We interview a water resources expert to find out more.

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Words and phrases in the programme

a shortage
when there is not enough of something

to be mismanaged
to be badly used and not properly looked after

to not have access to something
to be unable to get to it or use it

working together

all the living things in an area and the way they affect each other and the environment

fundmanetal component of
important part of

tied to
connected to

it has economic implications
it affects the economy

in a way that's organised and with very little waste

we can't afford to waste water
the effects of wasting water would be very serious

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