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Lottery millions


Today, Friday February 3 2006, there is a Euro Lottery draw. The winner could receive £125 million. That's the equivalent of nearly a quarter of a billion dollars (US).

This edition of Weekender is all about money and what we would do if we won such a large amount. What would you do? How would it change your life and your relationships? Would it change your personality....?

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Grammar used in the programme

Although it is possible it's very unlikely that one of us will win the lottery. Therefore when talking about this possibility you will hear people in the programme using what we call the 'third conditional'. A conditional sentence typically has two parts, a conditional clause and a main clause. The form of the verb in the conditional clause (the part of the sentence with 'if' in) looks like the past simple but is actually subjunctive. Here are some examples:

If I won the lottery .....
If I were rich ....
If I had more money ....

In the main clause, you will hear people using modal auxiliaries such as 'would', 'could' or 'might' before a verb in the infinitive (without 'to'). Here are some examples:

... it would definitely change my personality
... I hope it wouldn't change change me
... I might give up my job.

Here are some complete sentences used in the programme:

"If I won it, it would change my life dramatically. I like to think that I would give a lot of the money away but I would probably also buy a few houses and cars and that kind of thing."

"Well you'd certainly never see me again! I'd be off, I'd go travelling..."

"If I won £125 million, I'd like to think I'd stop working but I think I'd get really bored..."

"I'm absolutely positive it would change my personality, yes, it would make me more greedy I think."

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