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  Weekender 2006 / 7  


- Japanese School in London


- Global English?


- Spelling


- Lottery millions

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This month find out about:

Japanese School in London
In the west London district of Ealing there is a primary school that could be in the centre of Japan. Will Kremer, who used to teach English in Japan, has been out to the school

Global English
When someone from China speaks to someone from Sudan which language do they speak? The British Council, an organisation that promotes British culture, has just published a new report about the importance of English as a global language.

Are you a good speller? For most English speakers there are always one or two words that are hard to spell. Listen to the programme. Do the spellers make any mistakes?

Lottery Millions
Friday February 3 2006, there is a Euro Lottery draw. The winner could receive £125 million. That's the equivalent of nearly a quarter of a billion dollars (US).
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