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  Weekender 2006 / 7  


- April Fool's Day


- Mothering Sunday


- Carbon Footprints


- Loch Ness Monster


- Release of Mr Mandela


How can we help the environment by changing the way we shop, travel and use energy? Do you recycle, use public transport and energy saving light-bulbs?

As part of National Science Week, Jackie Dalton looks at the idea of 'carbon footprints'. A 'carbon footprint' is a measure of how much harm we cause to the environment in our everyday lives.

The average carbon footprint per person in the United Kingdom each year is a huge 10,000kg! What can we do about this?

We also look at some helpful expressions we can use when talking about the environment.

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Words and expressions from the programme

carbon footprints
a measure of how much harm we cause to the environment in our everyday lives

greenhouse gas emissions
gasses which have a warming effect on the Earth?s surface e.g. carbon dioxide

the greenhouse effect
the warming to the Earth caused by greenhouse gas emissions

climate change
changes to the general weather patterns on the planet

domestic energy consumption
the use of things like gas and electricity at home


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