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A G.P. interviewing a patient.
A G.P. interviewing a patient. But which is the G.P.?
At the Doctor's

As part of this week's focus on health, we're looking at English that you might use when you visit the doctor.

What should you say to the doctor when you don't feel well?

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Words and expressions from the programme

an abbreviation for General Practitioner, a doctor that can give you health advice, prescribe medicine or recommend that you see a specialist.

I have an appointment to see my G.P. tomorrow.

an illness, sometimes a bad cold (influenza)

Everyone in my office has got the flu.

what happens your body when you have an illness

The symptoms of the flu could be one or any of the following:
a fever
a runny nose
a headache

Some of expressions you might say to your G.P. when you don't feel well:
I feel dreadful.
I've got an awful sore throat.
I'm all bunged up.
I'm a bit under the weather.
I've got a headache.
I feel a bit achey.


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