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Left hand

Approximately 10% of the people in the world are left-handed. Many left-handers experience difficulties with everyday objects and situations because most of the world is designed and built by and for right-handers.

In some countries and cultures left-handed children were forced to use their right hands. Although this does not happen so much now there are still problems in schools when left-handed children learn to write, for example.

In this edition of Weekender the left-handed Callum Robertson takes a quick look at some of the challenges facing his 'partners in handedness'.

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Vocabulary from the programme

a tin opener
a small tool used for taking the tops off tins and cans

to be awkward
to be inconvenient and uncomfortable

a fountain pen
a kind of pen which uses ink from a bottle or a container inside it.

to smudge
to make a mark by accident when, for example, you rub your fingers over wet ink

the way that someone sits and holds their body, particulary the shoulders, back and neck

to cope with (something)
to find something possible to live with

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