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  Weekender 2006 / 7  


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- Naked Bike Ride


- The SS Great Britain

World Naked Bike Ride

Welcome to Weekender! Do you enjoy cycling...taking your bike out and getting some exercise or fresh air? What about cycling with absolutely no clothes on? Hundreds of people all over the world think it's lots of fun.

This weekend, the World Naked Bike Ride takes place. People in cities from Vancouver to London will be getting out their bicycles and taking off their clothes.

The question is: why?

Jackie Dalton finds out.

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Vocabulary in the programme

in a way that doesn't damage the environment

getting a message out there/raising awareness
making sure people know about something


it's empowering
it makes you feel good and strong

to bring in to question
to challenge

the idea that it's good to spend money on things and own many products

it's liberating
it makes you feel happy and free

overwhelmingly positive
very favourable

media coverage
the way newspapers, TV etc. react to an event

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Find out more about the World Naked Bike Ride
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