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  Weekender 2006 / 7  


- Wimbledon Line Judge


- Queen's Official Birthday


- Exams


- Naked Bike Ride


- The SS Great Britain

Veronica Mwondela
Wimbledon Line Judge Veronica Mwondela
The Wimbledon tennis tournament is in full swing and in a little over a week the champions will be crowned on the Centre Court.

But it's not only players that work on the Centre Court. There are also a team of officials including the umpire and line judges. In this programme we talk to Wimbledon line judge Veronica Mwondela about being a line judge.

You can download a copy of the script and the complete progamme in mp3 format at the bottom of the page.

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Vocabulary from the programme

a call
a decision that a line judge makes, they give the decision by shouting out or 'calling'

to make the grade
to be good enough at something to be successful; this expression is often used in the negative

I wanted to be an actor but I wasn't good enough to make the grade, so I became a teacher instead.

to tire of something
to become bored of something

No matter how many times I have it I don't think I'll ever tire of chocolate cake.

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