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  Weekender 2006 / 7  


- Wimbledon Line Judge


- Queen's Official Birthday


- Exams


- Naked Bike Ride


- The SS Great Britain

People on bikes

This month find out about:

Wimbledon Line Judge
The Wimbledon tennis tournament is in full swing and in a little over a week the champions will be crowned on the Centre Court. But it's not only players that work on the Centre Court. There are also a team of officials including the umpire and line judges.

Queen's Official Birthday
Most of us only celebrate one birthday each year. The Queen on the other hand has two, her actual birthday in April and her official one in June.

For many people this time of the year gets a bit stressful, as in some parts of the world, the end of the academic term is near. For those who want some kind of qualification or certificate to prove how good their English is, this means exams.

Naked Bike Ride
Do you enjoy cycling...taking your bike out and getting some exercise or fresh air? What about cycling with absolutely no clothes on? Hundreds of people all over the world think it's lots of fun.

The SS Great Britain
This week we go back in time and far out to sea on a huge, iron, passenger ship - the SS Great Britain. Well, almost! We go to Bristol, in the west of England, to visit this historic ship. When she was launched in 1843, she was the world's first iron-hulled, steam-powered, ocean-going ship!
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