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  Weekender 2006 / 7  


- Left-handers


- Mexico and business


- Ethical Travel


- Humour 2


This month:

Approximately 10% of the people in the world are left-handed. Many left-handers experience difficulties with everyday objects and situations because most of the world is designed and built by and for right-handers. In this edition of Weekender the left-handed Callum Robertson takes a quick look at some of the challenges facing his 'partners in handedness'.

Mexico and business
What are 'the black market' and 'indirect taxes'? Are they important to ordinary people and should we all understand such terms? Well, we'll find out what they are from a Mexican point of view with today's Weekender.

Ethical Travel
Have you ever visited a beautiful place or a country but felt sad about how rich the tourists are compared to the locals? And have you ever wondered why life never seems to improve for most of the locals in developing countries, despite a prosperous tourism industry?

In this edition of 'Weekender' we speak to the head of Tourism Concern to find out what 'ethical travel' is all about. Is it possible for tourists to enjoy a guilt free trip and begin to help solve problems rather than be a part of them?

Humour 2
This is part two of a programme about humour. Jackie Dalton looks at the differences in how men and women use it - whether it's to build stronger friendships, or stand out as the leader of a group.
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