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Grammar challenger Mi Jung from Korea

Used to / didn't use to
When talking about things that we did in the past but don't do now we can use the expression used to. The negative form, to talk about things which we didn't do in the past but do now, is didn't use to.

Today Mi Jung from Korea takes the challenge and checks her understanding of this area of grammar.


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Positive sentences

I used to smoke 20 cigarettes a day.
I used to eat loads of junk food.

Negative sentences I didn't use to do any exercise.
I didn't use to swim very well.

All pronouns take
used to / didn't use to


used to / didn't use to eat a lot of sweets.
eat meat.
live in the city.
have long hair.

Used to and didn't use to are only used to talk about past habits. There is no present form. To talk about present habits we can use the present simple. When using these structures there are often two parts to the sentence, something about the past and something about the present, for example:

I used to drive to work but now I go by car.
I didn't use to like coffee but I love it now.


Download Nuala's grammar explanation and table (pdf - 31 k)

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Now it's your turn to practise used to and didn't use to. Go to our quiz page on this subject here.

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In the next programme: in, at and on. We challenge Hiroko from Japan on prepositions of time.

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