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Sharing Your World

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On the BBC Learning English website you can use our message boards and discussion lists to talk with other learners from around the world. We also have two projects to help you create groups both to learn from and to share information with.

One project is called World Class and this project helps schools and colleges in one country 'twin' with schools and colleges in another country. The other project is called Learning Circles. This project is about forming groups of learners who share materials and help each other learn English.

Keep checking here because we will be adding new content to help you develop your own twin projects and learning circles over the next few months.

BBC World Class

BBC World Class encourages schools to "twin" or establish international partnerships. School twinning can have a wonderful effect on your school, giving the curriculum a fresh focus, pupils an exciting opportunity to learn together, and teachers a chance to share experience and skills with colleagues in another school.

We've commissioned some materials for schools around the world to help you make the most of your twinning. Pack 1 tells you more about the World Class project, how to use the website, and how to manage your partnership. Pack 2 provides you with some projects you can share with your twin school. The projects are adaptable for different age groups and cover different areas of the curriculum.

If you are twinning with a school which doesn't have access to the internet. Download 2 copies and post a set to your twin school.

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General Guides
PDF logo The World Class User Guide (167k)
PDF logo Setting up a twinning project (83k)

Project Plans
PDF logo Beliefs and traditions (55k)
PDF logo Beliefs and traditions 2(55k)
PDF logo Let's Sing (53k)
PDF logo Nature trail(55k)

BBC World Class

Around the world there are 800 Learning Circles (or English Clubs) where family, friends and colleagues meet to learn English together. The booklet below gives advice on how to set up a learning circle and, for people who are already members of one, gives suggestions for new activities to try.

Keep checking here over the next few months for materials that you can download and use within your own learning circles.

PDF logo Create your own Learning Circles (140k)
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