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Video English 9
Video English 9
The Teacher and a monkey width=
The Teacher is taking a summer holiday and will be back for a new term in September.

In this episode, The Teacher introduces you to three idiomatic phrases connected with monkeys.

1. To monkey around
2. Monkey business
3. To make a monkey out of someone

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Do you like to monkey around? Or perhaps you've been up to some monkey business. Tell me something about you using one or more of the idioms and I'll put my favourites on this page.

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Kisung, S.Korea
Idioms - I love them. Here, I've found where I can learn new idioms with intelligent teacher.

Ines, Hungary
She simply refused to pay back her debts, making up all sorts of false excuses. I don't understand why she has to make a monkey out of herself. Anyway, what is it if not monkey business if someone doesn't keep to an arrangement? I hate her monkeying around whenever this subject is raised.

Bouchti, Morocco
Honestly, I have no comments so far; but some "practical"proverbs or idioms are so helpful in rather daily teaching of English high school ss, such as "Strike while iron is hot", "Beauty is skin deep" "It's no use crying over spilt milk"and so on. They're just helpful as they're widely used in our Moroccan culture...

Shaun, Malaysia
I am monkeying with my thoughts to come up with something a little naughty.

Lida, Iran
That is so funny.learning english with Teacher is interesting.

Marie, France
Excellent! I'm a teacher who loves attending your class

Moeoowau, Myanmar
Wooo! I'm very tired. I cannot stand on my feet,'cos I monkeyed around playing together with my daughters.

Wang Chuan, China
I am the first time came in this web.I am verv eager to learn English well.Every ways I will try to improve my English,no matter how hard it is.I am always seeking a useful way to improve my English.I wish this web will give me good luck.thanks!

Debo, Vietnam
It is interesting programme. This is what i am needing. It is funny also.

Senthil, India
Its realy wonderfull experience when we learning with fun.

Hello funny teacher. i really enjoy your lessons. you make me more comfortable to study english than ever before.i regard your lessons as songs, nice play which make me really happy

Manoj Pawar, India
it is a innovative thought which is very helpful for everyone thank you

Zamzam, Australia
I remember when i was a little, i use to cry when see monkey.

Alexander Kapshuk, Ukraine
Perhaps you could do a programme about the English idioms that use the word 'lizard' in them. My personal favourite is 'to be flat out like a lizard drinking'.Although it's an Aussie one.

Naveen, India
really its a good way for improving english,thank u teacher.

Natsu, Japan
I like this programme very much and appreciate it. My husband likes to monkey round his daughter who is knee high to a grasshopper, but eventually she cries. Oh, well.

Dave, Indonesia
Hi, I like this programme. It's funny. Learning English is a fun with it.Thank you

Timothy, Taiwan
It is a misnomer to call a gorilla a monkey. They are actually very different animals.

Janette Lee, Taiwan
I was monkey around one raining day to wait for car wahsing but no one attended me, so I kept waiting.. finally a man came to me and said "Madam, normally we don't wash car duing raining day, because no one would do it." He sounded like I was there to make a monkey out of them..... So I did not get my car washed...But What's wrong with it!! I do want to wash my car even it is a raining day!!!

Mintaka, Czech Republic
Simply nice :-)

Sumede, Sri Lanka
well planned and presented, selected good way to convey the ideas, are able to understand to ohers. good job Mr Teacher, thanks for

Thu Ha, Viet Nam
Hello interesting and intelligent teacher, I'm so happy to continue learning your idiom lesson. I'm so busy and I don't want to spend my time on monkeying around like anyone. But sometimes to relax I make a monkey out of anybody or make them laught.Thanks you very much for your monkey idiom. Good luck!

Laura, Argentina
A fish, a cat, a bird, an insect and... a pig take you all the way to Buckingham Palace? No way.

Ethan, Taiwan
Sometimes I like to monkey around with my lovely daugther, but I don't make monkey business in my working career.

Fabricio, BRAZIL
Good job, Teacher.

Toshiro, Japan
Congratulations for the Award!The program is so funny that sometimes Teacher looks like monkeying around.Now "The Teacher" has won the award I believe no one will make a monkey out of him for his funny performance.

Irene, Germany
Dear, Mr.Teacher.Congratulation!!! It's really great!!!! Hats off!!!I`ve never been befor on this part of the web till tonight. I`m always learning English on the BBC NEWS Web. And now: I'm just glad, nice to met you. Thank you very much for helping me to learn English with a lot of fun. Best regards and all the best.Irene

Oleggio, Ukraine
Well...that's so funny indeed!!! But I like it -) Thanks BBC!

Sajjad Ansari, Pakistan
Of course, you are an interesting and intelligent man. We all congratulate you on winning the award you deserved.

Ban, Persia
Hi Teacher. Wow, I thought it's a monkey business but it's not,I thought you are monkeying around but find out I'm makeing monkey out of myself,Just wanna say congratulation,you earned it, I watched your series so far, and that I like it alot.

M.Hashim, India-Lko.
Hello!I am very thankfull to the union of this site who helped me improving my english.I use this site for two hours daily and this is because i have improved my english.This is not only helpful but also very interesting.Thanks..........

David, Colombia
Some politcians in my country, and on the face of the world, are in monkey bussines.

Christie, Hong Kong
It's quirky but also meaningful. I love that kind of unique teaching skill. BBC website is really useful.Thanks a lot regards Christie

M.Tsegaye, Israel
it's v.nice, thanks for bbclearnEnglish.I hope for every man nead to lear english anywhere( like me...)enjoye all prorgram that bbc found them.there are many things interesting on the website.

Alson, Malaysia
Well,the way you monkey around are very interesting.I've learned a lot of idioms of you and you make me feel that English is very interesting.So,I will stop doing monkey business and learn English seriously.Thanks teacher!

Hong Cheng
It's funny to remember some useful phrases related to animals. I can see from these three phrases that monkey is not a very lovely image in British people's mind.

Cao Peng, China
It is much more interesting to learn English. He or BBC should promote the way he is practicing in teaching English.Because there are many English schools but not enficiency in practice.

Diego, Venezuela
It is impossible to avoid doing to monkey around when I am playing with my 2 years old daugther, what is more... sometimes both, my wife and daughter make a monkey out of me about my walking way.

Luis, Venezuela
I'm an English student from Venezuela. After watching this video, I dare say there's a monkey bussiness going on in the Venezuelan goverment!! ha ha. I remember I used to listen "Monkey business" in one of The Queen band's songs but at that time i didn't undertand its meaning. Now, I got it. This video is really helpful to understand some of those idioms in English which are a little tricky for foregn students to understand. Thanks to The BBC.

Assia, Algeria
Hi teacher,I want to tell you congratulation about your award ,I'm happy to read that about you.And I hope for you all the best because you have done a great work and you gave us a great help to learn english.

Wiesiek, Poland
Congratulation "The teacher"!:)

Adriana, Brazil
Congratulations, teacher, for the prize. I'm looking forward to watching you at the palace monkeying around.

Duyen, Vietnam
the teacher is so interesting!i 'll remember these idiomatic phrases for a long timethanks!

Carmine, Italy
I have just read about your win reading ''words in the news''.How do you feel teacher . So congratulations!!!And keep going on this way and i'm going to follow you.Ciao xxxx

Thang, VietNam
Thank for this information of webpage.I fell interested because i can understand more about the monkey idiom, and i can use this monkey idiom to make funny story or excited situation.The monkey idiom include monkey around, monkey business and make something monkey is so funny, i like it.

Belen, Spain
Is very funny this part of the web, I think this teacher, explain the things very well and this way help us so much I really like it, all contens at the BBC are very interesting thank, and best regards. Belen

Quang, Vietnam
Hi! It s so nice way to express the monkey..... I would love to know more about this kind of Idioms..Anyways, thanks BBC a lots.

Imaan, Pakistan
its a very marvelous a new student of English and i m very eager to learn English . i think i can learn good English through this site .thx allot BBC

J.Sil, Indonesia
We really don't like to behave in a silly or careless way or to monkey around, do we ?. And dishonest behaviour or can called monkey business is truly bad but some people done when run a business. Making someone look stupid or to make a monkey out of someone is also a bad behaviour, I think, it can make someone isolated. I advise all not to do it.

Monica, Colombia
I am a training teacher, I find these videos so amusing.Sometimes I monkey around with my students.Some of them confessed they did monkey business and made a monkey of me.HE HE HE.

Thanh, Vietnam
I really like the BBClearningEnglish because it helps me practise English more usually. the idomes is really good for how to use enghish in everyday. one again, thanks so much.

Happy Prince, India
The president of the USA, George Bush and the ex PM of Britain, Tony Blair did a monkey business by attacking Iraq and made a moneky out of us. They really did a monkey business. Am I right?

Tong Chow, China
Though the screen looks too small,the video is really very intresting and helpfull.Thank you.

Emma, UK
A saviour to language teachers! Good job!

Angelo, East Timor
My comment is, I like this learning english because I will take some words which I don't know yet.

Ahad, Saudi Arabia
I'm gonna watch Teacher's episodes from now on .they seem very useful ,thank you Mr.teacher

Syed Sibte Hassan, Pakistan
This is a great effort of BBC for english learners now any body can learn english any where in the world with the help of this great website.Thanks BBC

Vict, Greece
Hi,I learned about BBC learning English last week and I am enthusiastic with it! It's excellent! My English is not well at all, but with your program I start to improve my English with a lot of enthusiasm again.Thank you

David, Colombia
The delivery man was hurry yesterday and he gave me the wrong mails, so i called to the office to reported that mistake. And when the delivery came back i told him stop to be hurry because you are been monkey around.

Ng'andwe, Zambia
I like the usage of these idioms .we have many monkeys here! IT makes sense.

Yassin, Afghanistan
I am one your students and regularly follow up these video lessons, if found these lessons very usefull for me, because the intellegent and interesting teacher teaches the contents of the lesson in very systamatic manner

Stephen, India.
Hi Teacher this is very interesting, i think this way of teaching can make the students to indulge in studies more. thanks man...

Winsome, Canada
To make a monkey out of somebody is such a monkey business that making people feel annoyed, so we should avoid doing such thing.

Hejiahie, China
I like the monkey.But in my country many people aring killing them to make their food.I' feel so bad .I always think that our people why can't get along with the animal very well!

exactly this video very very fun.thank you very much for video'monkey around.congratulation for taacher!!!! and good helth!

Yovana, Colombia-Barranquilla
Hello Teacher is a pleasure to have a contact whit you, I like this class, and enjoying it a lot of. I meet some people that have behavior like monkey business, they are dishonest people. This topic is very interesting. Thanks.

Hans, Brazil
When I saw your video, I felt like you were making monkey out of me.

Ali, Maldives
I like monkey, but i do not like monkey business.

Rose, Myanmar
perfect learning program

Katerina, Russia
When our boss expect me to do some monkey business, I always try to avoid it. For this purpose I even make a monkey out of him sometimes, though it's not fair. To relax after work I like to monkey around.

Idris, Turkey
Q:Is it possible to monkey around the net? What would happen?A: Red eyes and headaches!Aaaagh headaches!

C. Raxman, Somalia
I am teacher at primary school,the students monkey around the school and I am fed up with this monkey business around the school.

Pretty Ran, China
My little sister likes to monkey around,she often makes a monkey out of others,so none of us like her.Anyway,I like your interesting class,it's easy to understand.

R. R, Iraq
Thank you for these idioms, realy some of peoples and governments makes a monkey out of my country. The donkey suicide bomber is a real monkey business. In the same time American troops have monkeyed arround

Peter, Mexico
I think that I am not one to monkey around and I don't get up to any monkey business. I am a teacher and I studied business administration.

Yejun Zhang, China
I Like it very much.Thank you teacher.In China.Many people made a monkey out of other on the first April.

Eloy, Brazil
Ours politicians make a monkey out of us. It's monkey business

Rossella, Italy
When I was young, my mother told me. "Stop monkeying around with everyone you meet!" now I tell my boss stop to monkey business, but when I tell him this if there are a lot of people he smiles and tries to make a monkey out of me.

Huda, Egypt
I like to monkey around whenevre I'm in a bad mood.

Mario, Mexico
Hi Teacher is a pleasure to have a contact whit you, BBC english lenguage program is Great. In my City some monkeys works in the park, they do shows for little boys

Emad, Bahrain
very cool and it's extraordinary

Gerlinde, Germany
In my country, as in many others, the first of April is a special day called April Fools' Day. On this special day you do April Fools' jokes to make a monkey out of someone. Even the journalists in the newspaper try to make a monkey out of you and it is up to you to recognise the monkey business.

Dai, Japan
Hi,teacher.Your gesture is real and very funny.As is widely alleged,Japanese(including me)is less emotionally expressive than other country people.But this video makes me find the importance of monkeying around,however I hate someone make a monkey out of me of course.

Seraphine, DR Congo
your lessons are very helpful! i used to monkey around downtown with friends before discovering this learning the time i decided to be more concentrated with my english, i made a monkey out of this monkey business with friends.

Iradj, Iran
hello thak you for bbc good english program .in some country sometimes taxi drivers monkey around and children make a monkey out of someone when crossing street.

Hassan, United States
Hello.iam happy to be one of the reader bbc English language realy this great progaram i like this.And u guys did great job which is very interesting. Thank u lot....

Hasni, Morocco
monekys are funny more than human

Vicky, Brazil
I'm a teacher and sometimes my students are monkey around when I arrive at my classroom. If they insist to continue their monkey business, I need to punish them. I can't let them make a monkey out me.

Alex, Italy
In Italy, but I think everywhere we like to elect nice politician who make monkey around and make monkey business. We really love this so, in this way, the politicians make monkey out of us !!!!

Ninh, Vietnam
Making a monkey out of my unfavourite teacher is my delight. Of course he always asks me to stop monkeying around but only when pig can fly! That monkey business really makes me at ease.

Huyen, Viet Nam
Thanks a lot. This is the first time I have ever seen this programme. It really attrated me because of its content which is very interesting and helpful to me. Moreover, I am actually impressed by the teacher. He's so intelligent, humorous and interesting man. One more time, thanks very much

Well done teacher, for me is one of the best ways to teache a language. Make the learning fun. Thanks for your dedication.

Zeidan, Jordan
Thank you Teacher, you have monkeyed around professionally. I remember when I monkeyed around and broke the TV as a result, I don't want to tell what my Dad has done to me, he thought that I've made a monkey out of him.

Mr.Coi, Indonesian
I like it very much.

Khamphot, Laos PDR
i have studied English for many year and i did not use an idiom. so i use simple English . and this is the good idea.

Faratin, Iran
hello!when my close friend worked out that I am learning & spend most of my spare time on BBC learning English.he told me "you are monkeying around" cos you have got 78 years old therefore your mind didn`t accept a new language.As he was always jelous I found out that he is trying to making a monkey out of me. I replied please stop monkey business didn't you know this idiom that says "it would be better to learn from early stage of your life until death.

Jose, Colombia
very excellent

Bishnu, Nepal
When im naughty my mum calls me a monkey.Im always monkeying around.You are a very good english teacher and I hope you do another episode.

Salem, Algeria
Hello teacher! I have a friend whom I like very much, he is a funny guy and he often monkeys around. Unfortunately, the monkey business of a mate disturbs us because she always makes a monkey out of other people.

Alex Wang, Canada
Oh yes, for sure I like monkeying around a lot, for example, I watch the videos of The Teacher a lot. Oh no, I'm making monkeys out of the interesting and intelligent man and myself. That's just a joke, some monkey business. Thanks very much for your teaching and the great program of BBC Learning English!

Ranie, Canada
Dear Teacher, You are so funny when you tried to monkey around. Honestly speaking I know you will never try to make a monkey out of someone.

Assia, Algeria
My sister, the youngest one,likes to monkey around especially when she find me alone thinking and thinking ,and that's monkey business which make me revenge by making a monkey out of her. lol

Janananda, Sri Lanka
Hello!Your monkey lesson is woderful. We can learn English Idioms in very simple English. Thanks a lot, Dear teacher!

HungHung, Taiwan
I have a friend, she is a nice person, but her face always looks very serious so usually I do not make joke with her very much ,sometimes I feel her that makes a monkey out of me.

Hello!Let me tell you that how I once made a monkey out of one of my friend when I was at high school.There was a play shown by our school mates in the school hall and it was crowded.We were at the back of hall watching the play and standing up.My friend finally could get a chair and as he was sitting I took the chair under him and he fell down shouting with anger and pain and of course everybody look at the back.We were laughing but he was with a red face.I know shame on me but...

Drolma, China
Thanks very much! It's really very interesting and helpful. When I was a little girl, I was very naughty. When I was bored at home, I began to monkey around. I even did some monkey business at class such as making a monkey out of my deskmate. I've changed so much now and I can't help to laughing as I think about that.

Raghu, India
Hello Teacher,These idioms reminds me my school days, we had a couple naughty boys in our class, they were used to monkey business in the class, making monkey out of other students, those two monkies are still around me.

Vidyasekaran, India
When i taught 'Monkey business' idom to my daughter after few minutes she asked me to stop this money business. I told that am not making monkey out of her.

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