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Some people playing olympic sports


a racket (also: racquet)
a long handle with an oval frame, used in sports like tennis or badminton for hitting the ball or shuttlecock

a badminton racket

a set of thin cords or strings which are stretched between the sides of the frame of a racket

a light carbon material used in the manufacture of rackets, but also in the middle of pencils

a shuttlecock
the small light object with a rounded end to which real or artificial feathers are fixed and which is hit over the net in badminton


soft light fluff which covers a bird's body; each feather consists of a long thin central part with hair-like material along each side

a court
an area marked out on the ground which is used for playing sports such as badminton or tennis

badminton court

a net
a rectangular piece of material made from string which is used to separate the two sides in sports such as badminton or tennis

a game, especially in badminton or tennis, played between only one player on one side and one on the other

a game of badminton or a similar sport, played between two players on one side and two on the other

mixed doubles
a game of badminton or a similar sport, in which each team consists of one female and one male player

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