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Athletics: track
Some people playing olympic sports

Athletics track events

a track
a type of round or egg-shaped path, often red-coloured, for sports events like running

a set of short pointed pieces of metal or plastic fixed to the bottom of shoes worn for some sports, especially track sports, to stop the person wearing the shoes from sliding on the ground

the hurdles
a race in which people or horses jump over frames or fences known as hurdles

a relay race
a running or swimming race between two or more teams in which each person in the team runs or swims part of the race

to hand someone the baton
to pass a stick from one runner to another in a relay race; outside sport, to pass responsibility from one person to another

to get off to a flying start
to start a race, competition or project very quickly and make fast initial progress

an athletic getting off to a flying start

to be on the home straight
to be at the final or winning stage of something, especially a race

to be on the last lap
to be at the final, but not necessarily winning stage of something, especially a race

to be the front runner
to be the leader or the favourite to win, especially in a race

to enter the race
to join a competition

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