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Some people playing olympic sports


when the gun goes
at the moment the race starts

a sprint
a short and very fast race, as opposed to middle or long-distance races

to get to the front first
to obtain a good racing position at the beginning of the race ahead of the majority of all the competitors

a piece of clothing covering the whole body that keeps you warm and dry when you are under water

triathletes in wet suits running out of the water

(to get the) adrenaline pumping
(to start) a process of high excitement by stimulating a substance in one's body that increases the heart beat

lightweight bike frame
a very light (i.e. not heavy) structure of a bicycle to which other parts like pedals or brakes are added

pre-tied elastic laces
strings used to tie shoes, which are already in place and do not need to be tied or joined together

to have to dig deep
to muster all one's remaining strength and determination, especially after having spent a lot of energy previously

the finish line
the marked spot that signals the end of a race

the physical or mental energy that allows you to do something for a long time

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