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Some people playing olympic sports


a helmet
a hard hat, normally made of plastic, to protect a person's head, especially while that person is riding a bicycle or a motorbike

a saddle
a seat, often made of leather, used on a bicycle, motorbike or horse

the frame
the basic structure of a bicycle to which other parts like pedals or brakes are added; also the basic structure of other vehicles, buildings or furniture

the two round metal rings surrounded by inflated rubber tyres connected at the centre to a bicycle frame allowing the bicycle (or other vehicles) to roll along

cycling shoes
special shoes which allow the cyclist to clip onto the pedals in order to transfer maximum force from the muscles to the bicycle

a jersey
a piece of clothing similar to a shirt, but which is pulled over one's head and does not open at the front

a pair of short trousers, especially tight ones if worn for cycling

sets of cog wheels connected to the bicycle chain (or different moving parts in other vehicles), which allow the cyclist to pedal with more or less effort; lower gears are normally used uphill, higher gears downhill

a cyclist on a bike

a bar with handles which allows the cyclist to turn the front wheel of a bicycle or motorbike left or right; the brakes are normally attached to the handlebars

On yer bike!
an informal colloquial expression, used to tell another person to go away or get lost

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