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Some people playing olympic sports


a court
an area marked out on the ground which is used for playing sports such as basketball or tennis

a basket
in basketball, an open net hanging from a metal ring through which the players try to throw the ball to score points; also the successful throwing of the ball through the ring

a slam dunk
a shot in basketball in which a player jumps up and pushes the ball down through the basket with considerable force

to dribble
to move a ball by repeatedly hitting it against the floor with your hand in sports such as basketball or handball, or along the ground by repeatedly kicking or hitting it in sports such as football or hockey

a basketball player dribbling

to shoot
to launch a ball (or a similar object) towards a goal (i.e. the basket in basketball) in an attempt to score a point

a shooter
a player who takes a shot at the basket

to call the shots
idiomatic expression, to be in charge and make the decisions

to give something/someone your best shot
to give the best possible try or effort to a task or a person

to take a shot at someone or something
to attack either a person or a goal in order to score a point or achieve a target

on the buzzer
at exactly the moment a game of basketball runs out of time and is being stopped (i.e. when the buzzer sounds), at the last or best possible moment; also to be or get ready for an immediate and quick response

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