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Video English 11
Video English 11
The Teacher and a fried egg
The Teacher is taking a summer holiday and will be back for a new term in September.

In this episode, The Teacher introduces you to three idiomatic phrases connected with eggs.

1. He's a bad egg
2. Don't put all your eggs in one basket
3. He's got egg on his face

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Have you ever got egg on your face? Or perhaps your boss is a bad egg. Tell me using one or more of these egg idioms and I'll put my favourite entries on this page.

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Setareh, Iran
Well, this is one of the best memories I've got from primary school. Once I got up late in the morning and as I was just a child, the thought of the school principal shouting at me for being late, gave me a sudden jump! I put on my clothes hastily and I just went out on the street hurrying to school. On the way I noticed that everybody was looking at me in a very weird way but I couldn't get what was wrong. Anyway... I reached the chool finally, knocked at the door of the principal's room and went in to both apologize for being late and getting permission for going to my class and the moment I entered, she burst into laughter pointing at my pants!!! First I was so embarrassed being laughed at like that but then I just plucked up courage and looked down and to my astonishment I saw that I was standing there in my pyjamese!!!!! How could she not laugh at me??? That's why I'll never forget that I've had egg on my face at least for once!!

I hate eggs but I love English

Xavier Elizalde, Ecuador
Time ago my boss had to make an speech for a big audience but he could not come so I had to do it in his place, but I did not know anything about the speech, I really got egg on my face

Violetta, Russia
Oh! It is very amuzing and interesting to learn Enflish in a such way. And I will use these idioms with pleasure.

Josep, Catalunya, Spain
thank you very much, for your delicious egg.

Myen, Vietnam
I warned my friend not to put all his eggs in one basket. He ignored it! Then made a fortune! 'Who got egg on their faces?' said to me.

Ahmad, Iran
Thank you so much for your egg-cellent!program. I think it's a best method to learning english.

Bernard, France
Hi,in France we use,the expression to have one 's eggs in one basket,but the other idiomatic phrases ,No. Now I know that. I Know loads of bad eggs.

Mario, Italy
Ciao Teacher! It's been already some time since I've started watching your English lesson. Must admit that it is very good and the phrases connected with the idiom eggs, are quite useful and constructive relating to forming of the part of the basic stucture of learning English. So far the phrase 'don't put all eggs in one basket' is concerned, it's something that I've never been much aware of before. From now on,I am going to take all the needful precautions about...

J.Sil, Indonesia
I have a close friend and he is a bag egg. As close friend, I just give him some loan without a written agreement, but he never pay it back. I bought land and thought it was a good investment so I use all my money only for run the business, but unfortunately the land was taken by a big company and no chance for me as individual to be a winner, now I understand we don't put all eggs in one basket.

Consuelo, Chile
Hi Teacher... I'm studying English at University and your episode about egg idioms helped me a lot... Thank you very much...

Shu Qin, China
Hi, teacher! I like your lessons very much! English idioms have never appeared to me so interesting, lively and vivid as your video programmes. I am fully, truly, wholely in love with these idioms now. Oops! Have I got egg on my face by using three adverbs to emphasise how I feel?

Merlyana, Indonesia
Hi! I had got an egg on my face when i celebrated my birth day party. My friends walk behind me, an suddenly 10 eggs flew on my face!!!!

Eun-Jin Lee, South Korea
I know a person who is too lazy to present at class on time.he makes an excuse for himself Everyday.He is a bad egg.

Dawid, Poland
People are in the habit of saying that having got egg on our faces is the best way to learn new experiences and I think it may be truth; as to eggs in basket, once I was forced to buy twenty eggs to paint them at Easter and I put them to my small basket and when I was buying other things somehow my basket was stolen and at the same time I lost my basket and eggs, so, be careful and not to put all your eggs in one basket! Literally :)

Raouf, Algeria
all peaple are agree that you're the best of the best "egg",and we hope eating you,are you agree?

Koray Keskin, Turkey
one day the boy preparing homework by his computer, actually this homewok was so impotant to pass his class.He was preparing the homework on his computer and only was keeping it in his computer,the day after the computer has broken down and he said his homework that "only good bye" :) namely I want to say that the boy put all his egg in one basket. he could do that the homework was copied an other memory, flash memory, cd, dvd something like that. so that the boy made a big mistake and couldn't pass his class,he got egg on his face...thank you for your attention about my little regard..I hope everything going smoothly for you.TAKE CARE "The Teacher"

Laura, Italy
Hello Teacher, you are amazing!I don't know if I have learned the lesson, but I am sure I enjoy watching you!Just one question: is there any idioms about your pen?

German Huamancaja, Peru
Nowadays I'm doing a lot of effort to get an important job but I'm not putting all my eggs in one basket. In case I don't get the job I have another plans.

Gustavo, Mexico
In the past (5 years ago)some bosses were bad egg. Now it seems they would like someone else got egg on my face.

Helena, England
Hello!Today I've written wrong date on the blackboard.....I've got egg on my face!

Barom, Brazil
every day i have got egg on my face , actually i'm restaurant staff so is easy this things to happen...

Hermen, Mozambique
Hi Teacher. I like say only Congratulations because you won the President's award from the English Speaking Union. You are a "good egg".

HJ Lee, South Korea
Tiger Woods is demonstrating how to use a golf club in front of the gallery. But the 1st shot at the teeing ground is out of bounds. Indeed, he got egg on his face. Until now, whenever investing in stocks, I used to put all my cash into only one stock to make a big money in one time. Those decisions have ended in failure. From now on, I will never put all my eggs in one basket.The director of research in the company was arrested for secretly selling confidential information of the company to a rival company to earn his own money. I am sure he is a bad egg.

Huang, China
I have got egg on my face today,because I put all my eggs in one basket.I mean I plan to go over all the books today.Apparently,it is impossible.

Yang, China
When i finished my study in school ,i always thinking i have enough ability to do anything so i do anything put all eggs just in one basket and do the things so hard but never success until now i understanding i need put eggs in different baskets.Eventually i got success in my business

Diego, Venezuela
Of course I have gotten eggs on my face a lot of times... and I am firmily believe that "getting eggs on our face" is the only way to learn about everything. Unless we were wise people it would not be necessary got eggs on our face because we will learn from the others mistakes.

Almost every day, my Mandarin teacher gets egg on his face. He makes one or more mistakes every lesson.......:(

Peter Gizo
No,i have never gotten egg on my face & my boss is not a bad egg.besides experience has taught me never to put all my eggs in one basket

Janeth Mwasaga, Tanzania
here egg represent a good leader;so if you say bad egg you mean bad leader

SuMei , Taiwan
It's not easy to be an excellent teacher nowadays.One hand,I have to be strict with the pupils and punish them in order to help them do well on their studies.But they just think I am a bad egg.On the other hand,I have to find out mistakes on their homework or test papers,but in their minds,I make them get egg on their faces.Oh,no.They cannot use the idioms to describe me.

Yuriko, Japan
Today, I got egg on my face. When I talked about how bad my boss was(like a bad egg) with my colleagues, my boss was walking behind me and I didn't realise it. I should've seen around...

Annette, Denmark
Danes say about bald men with a nice little halo of hair around it that they are egg-headed. Professors are often the target of such jokes here.

Mousa, UK
to learn English idioms we need to search everywhere in order to avoid putting all our eggs in one bascket. I hope you have not got an egg on your face by that because Ialways try not to be an bad egg.I hope you do not get it wrong I am just trying to memorise these ideoms in one go . thanks alot for that best wishes

Louise, Belgium
My boss is a bad egg and now i'll search a new job with a boss who is the bee's knees.

Alvaro Camacho, Bolivia
When I had finished my studies at the university I looked for oportunities in order to study abroad to get my specialization in sanitary engineer. Then I begun to visit two or three embasies avoiding to put all the eggs in one basket. Eventually I got two universities which were interestd to accept petition so I chose one, the university of Delft in The Netherlands.

Jirka, Czech Republic
Dear Teacher, your classes are the bees knees indeed. I do appreciate it. I think this is the best way how to teach english idioms. I like it. Thank you very much, you help me a lot.

Vidyasekaran, India
I was working in US for 3 years before i moved to my home country. While planning the move i didnot put all the eggs in one basket as a result i am now in a good position. My Manager at offshore promised me good pay hike and better position however I feel he is a bad egg as he didnot keep his words. I got an egg on my face is how i felt on reflecting about my move plan but i switched over to another company as i had alternative plans.

Edit Rose,Hungary
When I started work again with a 2 years old son,and he was ill,he was in hospital twice in 3 months.And my bosses,both of them men were bad eggs.Inspite of the fact,theye were family men.

Pascal, France
You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs. But what if it turns out that they're all bad ? You'll starve, first, then decide to become vegetarian. So, don't forget to put vegetables in you basket if you don't really want to get an egg on your face !

She told him the details of her invention before registering it. She did not think that one day he may become a very bad egg. He really abused her trust. Actually she got a big egg on her face by putting all of her eggs in his basket.

Daisy, Vietnam
We planned a exciting Hallowen party on Sunday.Unfortunately, it rained dogs and cats on that day and we had to cancel our party. It was so pity becuase we didn't have an alternative plan. Next time, we won't put all our eggs in our basket any longer.

Van Hien, Viet Nam
Actually, i think every one has got egg on their face at least one, me too. The problem is to try to improve your self after these mistake. Try avoiding to get egg on the face again, right?

Redhab, Iraq
Hi teacher,I'm really enjoying your way of teaching I love it . As my english is fair I affraid to get egg on my face :)

Julynguyen, VietNam
oh, by the way I want to tell you a story, it's rather funny, about a man who I know. He dated with many girl at a time, one of them was my friend, they loved each other. one day, he told my friend that he had to go on business at China but in fact he dated with another girl. unfortunately that day my friend invited me went to cafe' because she was sad when her lover was away. and you know we saw her lover was familiar with... I don't tell that you know.hadn't got another way, she ragained her self and went to his table and said "Well come to China, sir! Would you like a cup of coffee". He was undependable and I think he's realy a bad egg.

Abushaban, United Arab Emirates
My Boss is a bad egg because once I gave him my resignation he refused it and he promised me to make an increments to my salary, but up to this moment I feel that I had egg on my face because I did not got the increment and I lost my offer from the other company, and I learn to not put my eggs in one basket.

Faratin, Iran
my wife was a bad egg because she wasn`t honest with me & our children.I have given her a lot of premiun to encourage her to be honest with us but unfotunately she thought I have got an egg on my face,Although she was cunning us in diffrent ways,I thought that I couden`t miss her because my kids love their mother. after living several years in that atmlsphor I concluded that I had put all eggs in a basket was harmful for us.

Hello dear teacher, iwould like to share one of my experience when i joined a spoken english school.We haven't got good english like your,so i complaint to the teacher but he is a bad egg.He says you dont depend here you do your home work.Now i understand ihave got egg on my face because iput all my eggs in one basket

El Mu, Russia
Do you know what? Once I made two teams out of the students of my class. Apples of my eye and bad eggs. I gave them a task to sell all the stuff we wouldn’t need anymore to fundraise a new project. What result would you expect? I worried that my bad eggs would cheat. To my astonishment they brought twice as much money as my goodies managed to get. They (bad eggs) just didn’t put all their eggs in one basket, but sold the bits and pieces wisely on eBay, on a flea market and distributed between friends and families. My favorites got egg on their faces and I ended up being ashamed of labellings people.

Fulgencio, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Some years ago I Worked with a a "colleague". whose name was mauro. He pretended tobe a good fellow, but in fact he was a bad egg. After he learned all he wanted to learn from someone, he behaved in a very dishonest way.

Teodoro Viteri Guerrero, Ecuador
Hi Teacher. I like say only Congratulations because you won the President's award from the English Speaking Union. You are a "good egg".

Svetlana, Russia
The principal of the school where I'm a teacher is a bad egg. I'd won a copmputer in one of the contests and he placed it in his office and doesn't afford to work on it.It's terrible!!

Bob Green, Philippines
There is another "to egg on" - to urge someone to do something as in "stop egging him" on do accept the dare or stop egging him" maybe just aussie slang

S Nagy, Brazil
Dear teacher, I am happy for having discovered you in the bbc site today. As I have difficulty of understanding idioms and other things in English , Iloved the way to practice it, totally contextualized.As English is my second language, I believe that getting egg on my face will always take part in my learning.

Maribel, Mexico
I started dating a french guy. I fell in love with him and I put all my eggs in one basket. Altough everything was perfect, one day he decided to break up with me, he was a bad egg. In conclusion, dating french guys put egg on my face.

Ines, Hungary
Well, nobody likes to get an egg on his/her face, I guess. However, everyone comes across this problem several times in his/her life. Quite sadly, our G.P. got an egg on his face the other day, at least it appeared to me so, when he did not know what blood test functions he had to prescribe for me. Perhaps, we could also say he made a monkey out of himself since he also remarked the assistants doing the blood test would know the rest. Even if he cannot be said to be a bad egg, he is definitely a bad expert. Fortunately, not every doctor is like that in Hungary. There are well-prepered specialists as well.

Alex Wang, Canada
The beauty of free choice in labor market is that even if your boss is a bad egg, you can always jump ship and have a better job.Rigid structure is not good for people at all.

Rossella, Italy
My boss was a bad egg because he promised me a new job at the end of October, but when I went and asked about it he told me he had got egg on his face because he promised the same job to Mr Smith, too. I spent all the year without looking for another job because I was sure about it, so now I know I have got egg on my face because I put all my eggs in one basket.

Agnes, France
I congratulate you on all the puns which cheer up your pupils. Who could grumble over your tricks and get egg on your face? Nobody is such a bad egg! Don't be affraid.Good bye

Lavrentieva Yuliya, Russia
Hello dear Teacher! It`s me again. Today I want to tell you about my husband again. Some days ago found out that he is a bad egg!!! To rely on my husband is useless. He promised to buy a new notebook for me (I haven`t got a job now), but he didn`t do it. Then I understood only one thing: Don`t put all your eggs in one basket.

Hunghung, Taiwan
My friend is a bad egg because she is not honest for me ,I remember ,Last time she wanted to invite me to go out with her but I did go out for meething with her ,later she was very angry, now I know she is not good friend of mine.

Polar Bear, Vietnam
Good idioms, I think everybody has had egg on their face at least once in their life...and i think i got egg on my face many times and can't figure out now...

Alaa, Egypt
I have been teaching English for 23 yeas , but I havent met such a wonderful way of teaching idioms. You're brilliant.

Rami Gamal Awad, Egypt
first I want to thank the teacher for his great efforts(today i feel that i am a bad egg when failed to identify the salt in lab exam)

Ana Paula, Brazil
A friend mine decided to invest all her economies in stocks. I told her that it would be better not to put all her eggs in one basket, because that could be a big mistake. However, she took the risk, and eventually she got egg on her face when she lost all her economies. Now she regrets not listening to me.

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