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How The Flatmates might look when they're older

The Flatmates in 2050 competition

It's the year 2050. Where are The Flatmates? Where are they living? What jobs do they have? Are they still in contact with each other? Are any of them still friends? Can you imagine life for Alice, Tim, Helen, Khalid and Michal (and even the cat)?

We ran a special 2nd anniversary competition to find out about The Flatmates in 2050.

The winners
Congratulations to our six winners! Here's what they thought The Flatmates would be up to in 2050

Muhammad Asim Munir from Pakistan

It is 1st of August, 2050. Alice is sitting in sofa with a rare picture of the flatmates in hand. She is staring at fives candles, burning on the 45th birthday cake of the flatmates. She lives alone in this small room since Dr. Paul Laver divorced her.

Each of the burning candles is worth ten years of her life. The film of her life story is playing before her eyes.

Once she was the flatmate - very happy and contented. In 2008, her affair with Dr. Paul Laver ended up in a marriage. She left the flat. However, she used to meet the flatmates quite often.

Alice never became a mother despite her strong desire for children. However, she distributed all of her love to the two children of Dr. Laver from his ex-wife. On the other hand, the children never accepted Alice as their mother and eventually Dr. Laver had to divorce her after 20 years of their marriage, against the strong demand of his young children.

Alice could not bear all that. She moved to a far off small town and left London forever. There she learned to live with the memories of her life.

Look! Tears are rolling down her cheeks. She closes her eyes. She hopes when she opens them, the flatmates would be there, to cut the birthday cake. Would they be there?

Pawel from Poland

It's 2050 now and Khalid Al Minshawi is 65. He's a sprightly, old man, who has just moved with his family to London. They abandoned Bahrain due to many armed conflicts within the Persian Gulf. Khalid took his whole family along: Zayna-his wife, son (Shadi), daughter-in-law (Hamdi) and their three children (Farid, Mumina and Rajiya).

Khal, as his friends call him in brief, retired few months ago. Currently he's a sports shop owner, 'Grandpa's Balls' by the way. Khalid also creates computer graphics and listen to jazz music after-hours. He is being helped a lot by his son in the store's warehouse. Although Khalid's a venerable old-timer and has some problems with his eyes, he's the best employee around.

Al Minshawi and Kowalscy families are sticking together. The oldest member of Kowalscy family is Michal, a Khal's friend from good old days, when they were both students and techno music was all the rage.

And what can I say about the remaining flatmates? It isn't so colourful as it may seem.

Tim unfortunately died of heart attack in 2024.

Helen luckily survived an aerial disaster and today she's working in the hospital's palliative ward in Birmingham.

And Alice, Khalid saw her last time after graduation, when she was leaving London and going to Australia for her biggest life's journey to look for that one man, from then on Khal didn't hear nothing about her.

He received a fantastic adolescence elixir from an Arabic doctor, which upholds his beloved cat - Bronka - till now.

Khalid and Kitty outside his sports shop

Raphael Leung

Meow. Hi everyone! You humans always say time flies. Time also flies for us cats too. It seems only yesterday when I was living with the flatmates and it's now 2050.

Helen wasn't really an assiduous student back in those years, so she started her singing career not long ago and now, she is a pop star as famous as Paris Hilton.

Tim and Khalid are more than friends or flatmates now. They started a multi-national business company together and are successful business partners with a reasonable amount of income.

The relationship between Alice and Paul was progressing well enough and they were considering marriage. But unfortunately, Paul died in a tragic car crash in 2040. Alice never really got over it until recently. The pain of a loss takes time to subside. We cats know that too.

As for myself in 2050, I am a mother now. My flatmates found me a husband. Isn't that very sweet of them? I have a few kittens now!

I regret to tell you that the flatmates no longer live together, since Helen moved out. But they still meet regularly for a cup of tea and catch up on each other's recent happenings.

Dasha from Ukraine

London, 2050. Alice, Helen, Tim and Khalid and Michal are still best and inseparable friends.

Alice gets married to Paul and decides to continue her medical education. She becomes a famous genetic engineer. She invents an elixir for eternal youth. She is on cloud nine! But she decides to carry out her first experiments on her cat. And the results are incredible! The kitty stays young and active! So, Alice plucks up the courage and does the experiments on herself and her flatmates. So even in the year of 2050 the flatmates are young!

Helen and Khalid fall in love with each other and get married. Helen becomes a very prosperous economist. But she is out of her element there, so she quits her job and sets her heart on becoming a writer. Her first book is spellbinding and a real bestseller! Her husband Khalid becomes an eminent translator.

Tim tries thousands of different jobs, then out of the blue, a very well-known producer notices him at a karaoke bar and Tim becomes a singer! After winning at the 'Eurovision' song competition, his musical band 'Flatmates' becomes super popular!

His brother Michal is a teacher of English in Poland.

Ana Paula from Brazil

Dear Alice,

I hope you, Paul and your 'kids' are fine.

It has been a long time since I've seen you and the others. I have been a terrible friend, haven't I? However, I needed to make my dreams come true. Business are very well, and now I decided to slow down. Yes, in another words I'm a retired man. I've passed the baton to Tim Jr. Now he's the chairman of our companies, moreover, he's a great businessman.

Janet and I are living in Tuscany now, where I've just finished to write my memoirs. Alice, your old friend is also a writer. One more achievement in my life.

So, next month, I'm going to give a party to celebrate my book's release, and it would be a plesure Alice if you and your family could come.

Helen, Khalid and Michal have already confirmed their presence, and it would be wonderful if you could come too. We're going to catch up on our chinwag while we're drinking a good glass of wine.

Best wishes,


Lai Wei

Khalid: Hello stranger.

Helen: Hi! How time flies! Look at you, you have transformed from a poor student to a business tycoon now. How's everything?

Khalid: Not bad. How about you?

Helen: Fine, I'm the oldest female professor in my university.

Khaild: Any news from Alice? I know you always have girl talks.

Helen: She's already a grandma. Oh, look, she's coming.

Alice & Paul: Hi, guys, sorry we're late.

Helen: Nurse and doctor should always be punctual.

Alice: But we are both retired. By the way, where are Tim and Michal?

Khaild: They are still at the press conference. Can't believe they made the film Flatmates.

Alice: Yeah, it's funny to watch others playing us in the film. Even the cat is in it.

Helen: I really missed her.

Tim & Michal: Hi, folks! What are you talking about?

Paul: The film Flatmates. How did you film it?

Michal: I wrote the story based on our real life and came to Tim for production. Luckily, we got Janet's investment so that we could produce the film.

Tim: Well, Janet is joining us later for dinner.

All: Great!


The rules
  1. The competition is open to any English language learner.

  2. Your story should be based on the main Flatmates characters (Alice, Helen, Tim, Khalid, Michal or the cat).

  3. Your story should have no more than 200 words.

  4. The judges reserve the right to amend or adapt entries for clarity, style, length or accuracy.

  5. The judges' decision is final.

  6. Entries must be the entrant's own original work and they must not defame any living person or corporate body nor infringe or breach any rights of copyright.

  7. BBC staff members or their immediate families are not eligible to enter.

the flatmates - past and present

The deadline
You should send your entry to us by email no later than Monday 30 July 2007.
Send your entries to: learningenglish@bbc.co.uk. Please put Flatmates 2050 competition in the subject line.

The prize
The winning stories will be featured on this website during the 2nd anniversary celebrations 31 July - 3 August 2007.

Each winner will receive a special piece of signed artwork from one of The Flatmates.

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