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How To


- Directions


- Showing understanding


- Making positive and negative comments


- Making recommendations


- Describing a process


- Giving instructions
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Making recommendations

In another edition of How to... we looked at the language a manager might use to balance positive and negative comments about a piece of work. This week we move onto the topic of making recommendations for changes. How can we 'soften' our advice in order to seem less bossy?

Don't forget to practise what you've learned with the activity further down this page.

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Making recommendations


[might] want

some stronger images.


[might] want to change the layout.
need to
[If I were you] I would
What I would do is
What you want is to
You could trychanging the layout.
Softening what you say
Be vague:
You could look at the layout.
changing the layout.
think about
Use hedging words like perhaps, maybe and might:

You could perhaps think about changing the format.
You might like to think about changing the format.
Use just to explain your recommendations:

It's just that I think it needs a stronger image.
It's just to give the page a bit more structure.

informal, negative adjective describing someone who likes telling people what to do

to soften
here, to make what you say easier to hear - less bossy and more friendly


For each question choose the one answer that makes a polite recommendation.

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