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1. Visit this page everyday after 12.00 GMT.
2. Look at the tree and find that day's number (1=1st Dec, etc.)
3. Click on that number.
4. A pop-up window will appear with a special quiz for you.
5. Answers to questions will be revealed the next day.

We hope you enjoyed this year's advent quiz. Happy Christmas and have a great New Year from all the team.

Previous Questions and Answers:

Friday 21st Question:
What is the name of Argentina’s first elected woman President?

Friday 21st Answer:
Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner

What a response!!! So many of you got it right that today we're saying congratulations to all of you.

Thursday 20th Question:
What kind of insects have made their home in the Hong Hock See temple?

Thursday 20th Answer:
Fire Ants

Maria Borelli from Italy
Carla Helena and
Adam from the United Kingdom

Wednesday 19th Question:
What languages did Anita learn as a child?

Wednesday 19th Answer:
Russian and German

What can we do to make the questions more difficult? Congratulations to the following three who represent all of you who got the right answer.
Anna Toma
Ivan Bublik from Sweden and
Noura Nora from Syria

Tuesday 18th Question:
Which city does James live in?

Tuesday 18th Answer:

Hmmm, some of you went for Taiwan but that's not a city. However, these three people graced us with the right answer.
Le Duvc Hung from Vietnam
Goran Tošic from Serbia and
Adi Pintar

Monday 17th Question:
Which planet has a crater named after Chekhov on it?

Monday 17th Answer:

And another fun house of correct answers. Well done everyone and, in particular, these three people:
Dionne Sun
Luciana from Brazil and
Time for a big round of applause. Good luck with today's 'just for fun' question.

Friday 14th Question:
Approximately how many years ago did sumo wrestling start?

Friday 14th Answer:
About 1,500 years ago

Friday 14th - a lucky day for most of you who got the answer right. The names of three people we recognise for their great skill in answering questions correctly are:
Adela Ezcurra
Aihara Hiroaki from Japan and
Christiane Bonin from France

Thursday 13th Question:
What is the name of the Labrador dog that works for police in Leticia, Colombia?

Thursday 13th Answer:

You have done it again. Everyone, well nearly everyone, got the answer correct. Today, we salute these three:
Noura from Syria
Piotr Bielecki from Poland and
Ernesto Arcos from Chile

Wednesday 12th Question:
Where in Romania would you find Dracula’s castle?

Wednesday 12th Answer:

And a scary question was correctly answered by millions of you.
Ok, millions was a slight exaggeration but it doesn't matter because today we want to give a big high five to:
Le Hai Tuyen from VietNam
Dusan from Slovakia and
Renzo from Ceriano Laghetto, Italy
Congratulations, you got the answer right.

Good luck with today's 'Just for Fun' question. Remember, just for fun means no prizes.

Tuesday 11th Question:
Which Flatmate visited Germany?

Tuesday 11th Answer:

Yes, of course it was Alice. Well done. Today's three particularly clever people are:
Zhiyu Xia from China
Jelena from Serbia and
Ágnes Bordás from Hungary

Monday 10th Question:
What kind of schools parade at the carnival in Rio?

Monday 10th Answer:
Samba schools

Congratulations to everyone who go the right answer and in particular:
Pary from Iran
Rosa Romo and
Kevin Summers from UK

Friday 7th Question:
What was the name of the spacecraft that carried time capsules in to space?

Friday 7th Answer:

Oooh, this one seemed to be a bit more tricky but congratulations go to these three people who got the right answer.
Maria Auxliadora Domínguez
Fiorella and
Martin Ploberger

Thursday 6th Question:
The Iberian lynx lives only in Spain and which other country?

Thursday 6th Answer:
Another day and another batch of correct emails! Today we say well done to these three people:
Aihara Hiroaki from Japan
Anna Pancurová from Slovakia and
Donald Dean from Argentina

Wednesday 5th Question:
In which in Prague did thousands of students gather on November 17th, 1989?

Wednesday 5th Answer:
Narodni street

This is obviously to easy for you all!
Well done to everyone who emailed in the correct answer including
David Gonzalez Diez from Spain
Rafal Kwiek and
Nisha from India

Tuesday 4th Question:
Officials from India, Iran and which other country are planning to build a gas pipeline linking the three countries?

Tuesday 4th Answer:

Again, many of you got the answer right.
Congratulations to you all and in particular
Vasilkova Elena
Nguyen Ho Ngoc Phung from Vietnam and
Eliane from Brazil

Monday 3rd Question:
Which bird was pictured on the first Greek coin 2,500 years ago?

Monday 3rd Answer:
An owl

So many right answers. A special well done to:
Swe Swe Nwe from Singapore
Chantal Vaury from France and
Lina Gomez from Columbia

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