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Exam Skills


- Right from the start


- Revision strategies


- Practice exams


- On the day
Practice exams
Listen Audio (MP3 - 152k) Script (PDF - 20k)
Try to do past exam papers so you know what to expect. Doing practice exams will also build your confidence and improve your exam technique! Good timing is very important. You must get used to the type of instructions you will have to follow in the exam. Pay attention to how many marks there are for each question. Good luck!

  • Do a practice exam so you can try out your exam technique.
  • Make sure you understand the instructions before you go into the exam.

Test Your Understanding

Try the comprehension quiz



  • the feeling that you can trust something to be good or to produce good results

  • the belief that you have the ability to do things well

  • score

    easy to notice

    (informal) quite

    pieces of work

    pay attention
    to watch, listen to, or think about something carefully

    get used to
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