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Exam Skills


- Right from the start


- Revision strategies


- Practice exams


- On the day
Right from the start
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First, consider which is the best course and exam for you. Then, when you enrol on your course, find out how long you've got to study and what will be tested in the exam. Make sure you practise the right kinds of exercises. And remember, there's nothing last minute about doing an exam - so start planning your revision right from the start!

  • Seek advice on the right exam for you.
  • Find out exactly what will be tested in the exam.
  • Think ahead. Plan your time.
  • Stay focussed on studying for the exam. Don't be distracted.

Test Your Understanding

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the exam period
the weeks before the exam and the days of the exam itself


weight of worry

put yourself onto the official list of members of a course

your goals
your aims, what you need to achieve

to familiarise yourself with
to learn about

the format
the plan, structure

in the back of your mind
something you are vaguely thinking

process of absorption
a series of actions you do to understand things completely and remember them
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