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Exam Skills
Speaking exams
Speaking Exams

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Find out how to give yourself the best possible chance in an oral exam. Keep in mind that the examiner’s job is to help you show how good you are! Try to speak clearly. Try not to speak too quickly. If there is another candidate with you in the exam, it’s important to interact with them. Before the exam, practise talking with other students as often as you can.

  • Remember: the examiner is not your enemy! It's the examiner's responsibility to provide opportunities for you to show how good you are at speaking.
  • Speak clearly. Don't speak too quickly.
  • Interact with the other candidate if there is one. Show you are interested in what they say. Ask them questions if it's appropriate.
  • Be confident. Be friendly.

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the examinees
the students taking the exam

language proficiency
how good they are at using English

be reassured
don't worry

be tempted to
want to

to interact
to communicate with or react to

right for the situation

a benefit

working with your partner

working together with someone
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