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How To


- Greet people (informal)


- Greet people (formal)


- Introductions


- Small talk


- Saying goodbye

People chatting at a party

How to make small talk during greetings

In this programme, we look at some handy topics and phrases to use when you've said hello to someone, but want to continue the conversation. What kinds of things are suitable for small talk during greetings, beyond the usual 'how are you?'

After you have listened to the programme, get some more practice with the quiz below.

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Some follow-up questions and phrases

I haven't seen you for ages!
What've you been up to?
What are you up to?
What are you doing around here?

Oh, this and that…
Just the usual!

Four handy topic areas Examples
appearance (usually only with people you know well)

your surroundings


the weather
You look great!

Isn't it nice here!

Did you get here OK?

Isn't it a lovely day!


Now it's time for you to have a go at practising the language we've looked at in this programme. Read the context for each question, then arrange the words into sentences. Good luck!

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