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How To


- Greet people (informal)


- Greet people (formal)


- Introductions


- Small talk


- Saying goodbye

people talking at a party

How to introduce people (in formal situations)

In this programme, we look at what to say when you want to introduce yourself or other people in formal situations.

After you have listened to the programme, get some more practice with the quiz below.

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Introducing yourself

I just wanted to introduce myself,
I don't believe we've met before,
I don't think we've actually met formally yet,

my name is...
Introducing someone else
I'd like to introduce you to…
There's someone I'd like you to meet, this is…
Have you met…?
Expressing pleasure to have met someone
Pleased to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Very nice to meet you.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
Returning the compliment
And you.


Now it's time for you to have a go at practising the language we've looked at in this programme. Read the context for each question, then arrange the words into sentences. Good luck!

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