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Erika Kalinauskaite


From: Lithuania.

'I'm interested in the way people live in different parts of the world, their culture and lifestyles.'

Raymond Komenan


From: Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire

'I would like to make a lot of friends at the world scale'.

Senthil Kumaran


From: Chennai, India

'I am very much fascinated by the versatility of English and so eager to learn it.'

Huong Dam Lan


From: Vietnam

'I get much mistake in English so all of you could help me, ok?.'

Amy Liu


From: Beijing, China

'I like to learn English with BBC'

Ngo Ngoc Loat


From: Vietnam

'I really want to make friends worldwide'



From: Kremenchuk, Ukraine

'My favourite saying: 'The man who has no imagination has no wings''

Hervé Menou


From: Boulogne Sur Mer, France

'I would like to understand and speak English fluently; BBC LE is my new teacher.'

Afdhal Muhammad


From: Indonesia.

'I am really interested in improving my English.'

Joyce Nery


From: Brazil

'I?m really interested to learn english!'

Phuong Nguyen


From: Vietnam.

'I must be crazy about English.'

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