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Husniye from Turkey: 'I am an archaeologist... the first time I came here I first went to the British Museum' Husniye studies at Bloomsbury International

Let and allow
We often use let and allow to discuss permission. This week, we ask Husniye from Turkey to imagine that she ran a large zoo... but what will she allow William to do with the animals? Listen to find out!


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Both let and allow can be used to talk about giving and refusing permission.


subject let object infinitive or prepositional phrase
They let me go out and get a drink.
They wouldn't let me back in.


subject let object infinitive with to
They allowed me to go out and get a drink.
She won't allow anyone to smoke in the office.

Allow (passive)

passive subject verb 'to be' allowed infinitive with to


wasn't allowed to go out and get a drink.
Nobody is allowed to smoke in the office.


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Flatmates - obligation and permission
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