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Exercise on a Brazilian beach
Exercising on a beach in Brazil
Find out about the Brazilian martial art, capoeira. It is the latest craze to hit London, and more and more people are doing it for a good night out. Our reporter, Andrea Rose, visits a capoeira class and talks to a learner and an expert about what it is like.

The script is available for downlaod in the Extras section below, where you can also practise some of the vocabulary with the London Life quiz.

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Vocabulary from the programme
capoeira a martial art developed by slaves in Brazil
she was dragged along to the class by her friend she didn't really want to go to the class, but her friend made her go
out of curiosity out of interest
combat fight
a non-contact sport a sport where people don't touch each other
just a flavour of what it is like an idea or brief experience of what it is like
for the most part usually or mainly


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