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  London Life 2006 / 7  
London Life


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The Ritz Hotel
The Ritz Hotel, London
The Ritz Hotel is one of the most famous hotels in London and one of the things it is best known for is - afternoon tea.

In this edition of London Life we talk to Gerrie Pitt who works at the Ritz. She explains why 'taking tea' is a very English custom and describes what you would be able to eat at one of the Ritz's famous teas.

Before you listen to the programme look at these comprehension questions. You can hear the answers in the programme. Check your understanding by trying the quiz from the Extras section below. You can also download this programme in mp3 format and follow it with a transcript.

1: What is the Ritz Hotel celebrating this year?
2: How do you make a proper cup of tea?
3: How would you describe tea that is bitter and very strong?

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Vocabulary from the programme

the 100th anniversary (the Ritz is 100 years old)

piping hot
very hot

very bitter and strong

expensive and fashionable

something that has been going on in the same way for a long time

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