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  London Life 2006 / 7  
London Life


- Dog Accessories


- Christmas Lights


- Carnaby Street


- Handkerchief history


- Capoeira

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This month find out about:

Dog Accessories
It is often said that Britain is a nation of animal lovers. In the porogramme today we visit a Discover Dogs Exhibition in London, where we speak to someone who sells dog accessories and we also talk to a dog owner.

Christmas Lights
We take a trip to a crowded and noisy Oxford Street in London's West End to see the pop group Westlife turn on the Christmas lights.

Carnaby Street
This week, we visit Carnaby Street, one of the most famous streets in London, especially in the 1960s.

Handkerchief History
We look at the history of the handkerchief - a small square of material usually used to blow your nose.

Find out about the Brazilian martial art, capoeira. It is the latest craze to hit London, and more and more people are doing it for a good night out.

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