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  London Life 2006 / 7  
London Life


- The office Christmas party


- Panto at the Zoo


- London Theatre


- Ice Skating
BBC Christmas Party
BBC Christmas Party

Imagine this programme is an invitation to a special kind of Christmas party - not the kind you have at home for friends - but what we call 'the office Christmas party', or less formally, 'the office Christmas do'.

Londoners describe what they think are the magic ingredients for a successful office party (for example, it should take place outside the office - in a bar, restaurant or nightclub). They also explain how they cope with the challenge of getting safely home from central London late at night, and they give tips on how to have a great night out. You'll also hear many informal words and expressions to do with party fun...

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Words and expressions from the programme

to mix (with people)
to meet, talk, and spend time with other people, especially people you don't know well

people you work with

to dress up
to wear special clothes for fun, or to wear clothes that are more formal than the ones you would usually wear

a crush
a crowd

the loo
the toilet (informal)

costing a lot of money

taking a long time

not pleasant, not enjoyable

to tell someone what you think of them
to speak directly to someone about your feelings towards them, sometimes rudely

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