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  London Life 2006 / 7  
London Life


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- Men & Christmas Shopping

Bargain Hunting

Most of the excitement of the winter festive season is over for us here in the UK. People are throwing out their Christmas trees, taking down decorations and getting back into the rhythm of work. But, for some at least, there is still just one more exciting experience related to winter which has recently started: the sales!

In this programme we take advice from a fashion journalist about how you should go about your shopping during the sales, including how to avoid buying those trousers just because they're cheap, even though they really don't suit you.

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Words and expressions from the programme

75% off original price
the product is 75% cheaper than it was before

prices slashed
prices are much lower

clearance sale
the shop is getting rid of its stock to make way for new products

great reductions, great bargains
really good price cuts

to use your brain
to think

an impulse buy
something you buy quickly without really thinking about it or planning

a budget
a certain amount of money that has been set aside for something

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