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  London Life 2006 / 7  
London Life


- An Egyptian in London


- Harrods


- Bargain Hunting


- Men & Christmas Shopping

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This month find out about:

An Egyptian in London
Most people who live in London are from somewhere else. They come from all over Britain and from all over the world.

London is well known for its diverse range of shops. One of the most famous of all is Harrods.

Bargain Hunting
In this programme we take advice from a fashion journalist about how you should go about your shopping during the sales, including how to avoid buying those trousers just because they're cheap, even though they really don't suit you.

Men and Christmas Shopping
It's a well known fact that on Christmas Eve, most of the shoppers on the streets are men. So is that last minute rush just a fun part of the Christmas shopping experience for men, and do they actually like Christmas shopping?

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